Muslim communities in rural and urban areas continue to face a number of challenges and constraints in the education sector including low standards of education, poor education infrastructure, insufficient number of and low capacity of teachers. Under the current strategic plan, SUPKEM will seek to promote access to quality education by Muslim communities and support Muslim education institutions.

Intervention Strategy

Promotion of access of to quality education
  1. Participate in capacity building of teachers on competency-based curriculum to improve standards of education among Muslim communities.
  2. Advocate for development and implementation of a policy for conversation of Madrasa teachers to Teachers Service Commission (TSC) IRE teachers.
  3. Build, maintain and manage schools from basic to university levels that support
    Muslim communities.
  4. Scholarships for IRE teacher training students.
  5. Sensitize communities on the need for education including technology in

SUPKEM: A unifying premier Muslim body in Kenya.

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