Economic Empowerment

SUPKEM is concerned about the prevalence of high poverty levels within the Muslim community. Economic empowerment is constrained by limited public sharia compliant economic opportunities for poor Muslim communities as well as dificulty in accessing the vulnerable groups due to geographical dispersion. SUPKEM seeks to facilitate and promote access to sustainable sources of livelihoods as well as enhance market access.

Intervention Strategy

Facilitate and promote access to sustainable sources of livelihoods
  1. Awareness creation on negative eects of violent extremism and how to combat CVE through member organizations.
  2. Strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations on prevention and management of CVE.
  3. Participation in the design, review and implementation of CVE policies.

SUPKEM: A unifying premier Muslim body in Kenya.

How to reach Us

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims

PIslamia House, Njugu Lane,
Nairobi, Kenya.

PP.O Box 45163-00100, Nairobi-Kenya.

PTel: 254 20 22 43 109