Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

Kenya experiences sporadic and recurring resource-based conflicts within Muslim communities as well as between and with other non-Muslim communities. These resource-based conflicts and other types of conflicts disrupt peaceful coexistence and cohesion, and cause loss of lives and livelihoods. SUPKEM plans to be play an important role to prevent and mitigate resource-based conflicts by engaging in peace
building and conflict resolution efforts.

Intervention Strategy

Engage in peace building efforts at national and county levels
This will be achieved through;
  1. Lobby and advocate for participation in development and review of peacebuilding laws and policies.
  2. Participate in the design, review and implementation of peace building initiatives involving Muslim communities.
  3. Create awareness and link member partners on peace building efforts /interventions.
  4. Representation of Muslim communities in various strategic peace building and conflict resolution committees.

SUPKEM: A unifying premier Muslim body in Kenya.

How to reach Us

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims

PIslamia House, Njugu Lane,
Nairobi, Kenya.

PP.O Box 45163-00100, Nairobi-Kenya.

PTel: 254 20 22 43 109